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Welcome to the DEPICT Project!

D.E.P.I.C.T. stands for Descriptive Elements of Pharmacist Interventions Characterization Tool. DEPICT is a new instrument developed with the aim to create a standardised system to describe and identify the components of pharmacist health interventions.
The DEPICT Project is a multicentric initiative launched in 2012 dedicated to the development, refinement and application of this new tool to published studies reporting clinical pharmacy services targeting either patients or health care professionals in a given setting.

Clinical pharmacy services consist, in most cases, of complex health interventions (CHI). CHI usually comprise several interacting components which, in combination or isolated, generate the power of the intervention. A better understanding of these components is essential to ensure reproducibility of clinical pharmacy services from the "research world" to the "real world". In addition, the association of the components of the intervention with resulting health outcomes can be further investigated.

This website was created to facilitate the sharing of documents and publications concerning the DEPICT Project. The journal articles published will be made available in full text (if open access) or linked to the journal website/PubMed (if copyrighted).

You are invited to share with us your experience and suggestions regarding DEPICT!

Thank you for your visit!

DEPICT Project team:

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Fernando Fernandez-Llimos
University of Porto, Portugal

Prof. Dr. Inajara Rotta
Federal University of Parana, Brazil





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